Our Customers Say it best...

We Are Milkmen

We've been a family-owned business for over 90 years, and in that time, not all that much was changed. We are still family owned. We still deliver farm fresh milk the same way we always have, straight to our friends and neighbor's front doors all over the Puget Sound.

By delivering to your home, we're able to provide a level of freshness and quality that is simply unmatched by the neighborhood grocer, and is impossible for a warehouse chain to provide.

We are proud purveyors of freshness. We are Milkmen. It's what we've always been and what we will be for generations to come. We look forward to being your Milkman. Get started today.
Why Smith Brothers Farms?
    • You're in charge
      If you're anything like us, you run to the store for a few things, and walk out $50 later.

      By ordering on-line with us, you can sit down and plan out your order for the week, getting everything you need.

      No impulse purchases you didn't really need. No after work grocery store rush. No checkout lines. No mad dash from the parking lot in the rain.
    • It's pretty fun to get delivery
      When we were kids, it was special to get a letter in the mail or have a package delivered.

      Imagine your family having that feeling every week.

      We know it's nothing earth-shattering, but if delivering you some fresh chocolate milk can add a little happiness to your week, we've done our job.
    • Standing order
    • We keep it fresh
      We're always adding new products - Just this year, we've added a dozen new products like Beecher's Cheese and Alki Bakery cookies to our offering.

      Plus, we have all of our popular seasonal treats that pop up throughout the year. Heck, we even deliver turkeys for Thanksgiving.

      We do everything we can to bring you the best.